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The Art Appreciation Society is a group that organises lectures on all aspects of art history, exploring an analysing art forms throughout history. 

We meet on the last Monday of each month, 10am-12 midday at the Guild. The first meeting will be Monday 26 September 2022.

26 Sept- Alessandra Batty - Art to serve propaganda: Trajan's column

24 Oct - Ian Irvine - British Art in the 1960's

28 Nov – Frank Vigon - Jacques Joseph Tissot, anglicized as James Tissot, was a French painter and illustrator. He was a successful painter of fashionable, modern scenes and society life in Paris before moving to London in 1871. A friend and mentor of the Impressionist painter Edgar Degas

30 Jan - Frank Vigon

27 Feb - Ian Irvine

27 March- Anne Davies - Contemporary Textiles- Looking Beyond Needle and Thread

24 April - Frank Vigon

22 May - Alessanda Batty - The Alexander Mosaic in the House of the Faun (Pompeii)

26 June - Veronica Gatti - Making Art with Stone and Glass Fragments. A talk about Mosaic History and Technique.

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