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The Art Appreciation Society is a group that organises lectures on all aspects of art history, exploring an analysing art forms throughout history. 

We meet on the last Monday of each month, 10am-12 midday at the Guild. The first meeting will be Monday 26 September 2022.

26 Sept- Alessandra Batty - Art to serve propaganda: Trajan's column

24 Oct - Ian Irvine - British Art in the 1960's

28 Nov – Frank Vigon - Jacques Joseph Tissot 

30 Jan - Frank Vigon - Shocking Art - Art that Shocks

27 Feb - Simeon Solomon – A Jewish Tragedy -  the forgotten Pre-Raphaelite on the margins of Extinction

An illustrated talk by Frank Vigon

This is an illustrated talk on the life and works of the artist Simeon Solomon. He is acknowledged as one of the main members of the Pre-Raphaelite group as well as being a major Aesthetic and Symbolist artist. In 1873 he was involved in a homosexual scandal that led to his social isolation and exclusion from polite society. He becomes an alcoholic, still painting and drawing but spending the rest of his life down and out, sometimes resident in St. Giles workhouse where he eventually dies in 1905. He has been marginalised in Art History almost to a level of non-existence. In Jewish circles he is most famous for his painting of the young Rabbi carrying the scrolls now in the Whitworth Art Gallery. This talk is part of a campaign to re-establish his reputation as one of the most influential and important artists of the 19th Century.

27 March- Anne Davies - Contemporary Textiles- Looking Beyond Needle and Thread

To help us understand how we have evolved a more Contemporary style of textiles in the twenty-first Century that goes beyond needle and thread, I will firstly take the group on a journey back in time to explore the history of stitch from

Anglo-Saxon times to the present day. This part of the talk will explore changes in not only technical processes, but in addition, look at how social & cultural factors have introduced a progressively more modern way of seeing textiles as a design subject and an art form.

24 April - Frank Vigon

Mark Gertler Inside Out - An Ecstacy of Destruction

The story of an Icarus who flew right into the Bloomsbury flame and carried with him the seeds of his own self destruction. The improbably story of an artist of an immigrant family from the East End of London who found

his way into the Slade School of Art and from there into the very heart of the London Literary Scene. Max…Mark as he became know travelled from Whitechapel in the East End to the Squares of the West End to mix with The Woolfs, TS Elliot, John Meynard Keynes, Prime Ministers and the nobility.

A camelion, he is assimilated into this elite group and in his own right becomes a much sought after young artist. Thwarted in love and struggling to maintain a marriage he falls into relative obscurity inspite of having been extremely successful in the early part of his career.

His tragic early death alongside his most famous work rolled up in the corner of an outhouse is a sad end to a star that burnt brilliantly and fell to earth.

22 May - Alessanda Batty - The Alexander Mosaic in the House of the Faun (Pompeii)

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