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The Birdwatching group is a friendly, active and enthusiastic mix of birdwatchers of varying abilities and experience. We welcome new members and visitors to all our events, whether they consider themselves interested beginners or more experienced birdwatchers; members are always happy to help others who want to learn more about identification or use of optics. The group provides an indoor and outdoor programme throughout the year. A monthly illustrated newsletter is provided at all indoor meetings and by email.

Indoor meetings 2022/23

The following meetings were held in 2022:  

1 September    Tony Parker        Moore Nature Reserve

13 October       Paul Hobson       Coast and Islands

3 November     Keith Offord        Skydancers

1 December      Robert Davidson   Jamaica, followed by buffet

Meetings for 2023 are as follows:   

12 January    Mike Lane                      A Digital Lane Returns Again

9 February    Brian Anderson              Feathers and Wimgs

16 March       John Gardner                 Bird Life at Home, plus AGM

4 May            Tanya & Edmund Hoare Our not so common Swifts

All meetings will commence at 7.30pm except for the 16 March meeting which will commence at 7.15pm for the AGM.

Field trips 2022/23

The following field trips were held in 2022:  

16/10/2022 Salthome 7:30am

20/11/2022 North Wales & Conway 8:00am

10/12/22 Car trip Marbury 9.30am

Field trips for 2023 are as follows:    

22/01/2023 Fairburn Ings 8:00am

24-26/2/2023 W/E away Somerset Levels 7:15am

12/03/2023 Potterick Carr 7:30am

23/04/2023 Anglesey 7:30am

07/05/2023 Hodbarrow/Walney 7:30am


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