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Fundamental Life Drawing aims to use some of the techniques and practices of yoga to engage us with awareness of body, breath, energy, mood, and intuition. We will interlace embodied experiences with drawing exercises to explore expressive mark-making that can bring new intentionality to our life drawing studies.

This is a very special drawing and yoga workshop! It is a drawing workshop that has the aim to make your drawing benefit from trying out movements and postures. And, it is a yoga workshop that allows you to use drawing as a medium to visualise your experiences with postures and movements.

After a warm-up with movement and mark-making, we will explore the theme of ‘open-and-closed’ through our bodies and through drawing: We will take postures that contrast the body being open and expanded with ones that feel closed in and tight. For example, curling into a ball then standing in a star shape with arms and legs extended. We will experience how the body feels in such shapes, what breath is and what mood it evokes. After we have experienced this in our own body, we will explore it with mark making on paper by focussing on the drawing’s gesture and its texture and tone. This is followed by drawing the life model performing such poses.

We will continue to alternate between moving ourselves and drawing, by then exploring the themes of ‘strong-and-soft’ and ‘weight-and-balance’.

In the last part of our workshop, learners will have time to draw the model in a way that suits them to allow for the opportunity to incorporate and utilise any useful learning and influences from the session.

Deborah will adjust poses and movements to suit the mobility of each learner and both, Sabine and Deborah, will provide individual guidance and advice throughout the session.

Deborah is a trained and CNHC registered Yoga Therapist and a yoga teacher with decades of practice and seven years of teaching experience. She is also a visual artist and digital environmental games artist of 27 years.

Sabine is a Fashion Designer and visual artist with many years of experience in teaching Art & Design in Further Education. She currently teaches Drawing at the Wilmslow Guild and studies for a practice-based PhD exploring drawing and illustration at the University of Chester.

This session is suitable for all levels of drawing expertise and physical mobility.
No previous experience is needed neither with yoga nor with drawing.
Learners need to bring soft pencils (2B, 4B or softer) and a sharpener.
If you do not have a yoga mat, please, let us know and we can lend you one.
Sabine will supply A2 size cartridge paper that can be bought in the session for 14 p/sheet.
The session will take place in the big hall.

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Sep 25, 2021 10:00am

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Sabine Kussmaul

Sabine trained as a fashion designer with the aim to combine a fascination for drawing with the exploration of the sculptural potential of the human figure. After some time...

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