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20th Century Art In 'Isms': From Fauvism To Post Modernism

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This 12-week course will look at the developments in Modern Art through a series of 'isms'. Beginning with Fauvism in 1905 and ending with Post-Modernism in the 1980s and 90s, we look at where these movements were born, what their aims were at the time, and whether they had any lasting legacy. Some are famous and well-known, such as Expressionism and Surrealism. Others like Vorticism and Neo-Plasticism, much less so. Artists looked at include Matisse, Picasso, Boccioni, Bellows, Hoch, Oppenheim, Giacometti and Beuys.

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Ian Irvine

As a practising artist, I think I approach teaching art history not from an academic standpoint, but to tell stories and anecdotes, and...

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