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Adalgisa Serio is an Italian Lecturer at Centro Diffusione Leonardo da Vinci and Italian Tutor at the Wilmslow Guild. She has previously worked also at MMU and the Open University. She has a long and wide experience as language consultant for different Italian and British Institutions and Associations such as the ALL (Association for Learning Language) and the Istituto di Cultura in London. She is a regular contributor to events run at Home Mcr (previously The Cornerhouse), in Manchester such as short Italian cinema courses and Italian Study sessions aimed at students of Italian as a foreign language.

            Her area of expertise is teaching languages through films. This has culminated in projects and courses in collaboration Home, COLT and CDLCI, besides delivering workshops for teachers of foreign languages both in Uk and in Italy (Edulingua, Castelraimondo, Marche http://www.edulingualab.org/didattica/a-lezione-con-il-cinema/ ). She has co-published the first two booklets of the series Cinema Italia, aimed at the teaching and learning of Italian through the analysis of films and is currently preparing teaching units online for Studioarcobaleno.

Publications by Adalgisa Serio

The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for Italian Year 3  (2010 - Golden Daffodils); co-written with Annamaria Forti Sheikh


- Collana Cinema Italia:  " Il Ladro di Bambini & Io non ho Paura" (2008 – Edilingua); co-written with Ernestina Meloni


-  Collana Cinema Italia:  " Caro Diario" (2010 – Edilingua); co-written with Ernestina Meloni


-  Collana Cinema Italia:  " I 100 Passi & Johnny Stecchino" (2012 – Edilingua); co-written with Ernestina Meloni


Studio Arcobaleno Publishing house



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